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OnlineSales.ai Launches Intuitive Actionable Reports

By |OnlineSales.ai Labs|

We understand the value for actionable insights to your business and have given special emphasis to detailed reporting that is readily available on your dashboard. Insights help you summarize performance and plan decisions proactively for your marketing campaigns.

We’re happy to announce the launch of 5 top reports going live this March:

Predicting Seasonality Insights:

Our detailed seasonality reports help you slice & dice major metrics like transactions, […]

Scaling Holiday Facebook Ad Campaigns to 3X Traffic & Conversions with Real Market Insights

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Take the festive season, intense competition from deep pocket players and a business where sales cycles are long and people prefer to touch and feel the merchandise, and you have a challenge that rivals nothing short of scaling the Alps. This post highlights solutions to a similar challenge from one of India’s largest jewellery brands that set the goal of achieving 3X sales within just three days on Facebook Ads, during an auspicious Indian festival.


Google Adwords Customer Match with Ecommerce Client Data Insights & 6 Best Practices

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What is Google Adwords Customer Match Feature & Why all the Fuzz?

Google rolled out its Customer Match feature in late September 2015, a much awaited ad targeting method in response to Facebook which drove tons of customer success stories around the same last year. Till now you could only create Remarketing Lists based on cookie clusters segmented by your audience lists such as specific page viewers, […]

OnlineSales.ai Live goes Mobile, Email Remarketing beta is Out, Facebook DPA updates & more!

By |Facebook Ads, OnlineSales.ai Labs|

Wish you a fantastic 2016! At OnlineSales.ai, we signed off an awesome 2015 with a promise to make 2016 the most productive year ever by delivering amazing features for our retailers at much faster pace. Here’s a quick summary of last month; we saw great traction on Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads and also launched Email Marketing in private beta. Sign up on these features if you haven’t already. And a lot’s cooking in our […]

Launch Self Serve Campaigns with OnlineSales.ai in Under 3 Mins

By |Campaign Launcher, OnlineSales.ai Labs|

Now you can launch entire marketing campaigns in under 3 mins using the new DIY campaign launcher, just fill in 5 details & we are all set to launch!

  1. Campaign Information. Set a name for your campaign and assign a budget & the duration for which you want it to run. You also need to set an objective for your campaign, whether you want to focus on […]

Custom Reporting for Ad Creatives, Devices & App Installs

By |OnlineSales.ai Labs, Reporting|

Custom Reporting for Ad Creatives, Devices & App Installs

Canned Reports help you figure out new insights from slicing & dicing data across multiple dimensions & matrices. You can select the date range, the ad channels, dimensions & matrices & our system fetches analytics for all such ad creatives, devices & App installs ( if selected ).

  1. Ad Creatives Report. This report showcases top 10 performing ad creatives in decreasing […]

OnlineSales.ai drives success with Facebook’s beta 10-link carousel ads

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Facebook’s new beta 10-link Carousel ads promise faster time to benefit at 25% less cost.

With more creative real-estate the carousel ads promotes your business front and center driving more conversions.

As a preferred Facebook Partner, OnlineSales.ai can now launch a 10 Link Carousel Ads, where 10 images are uploaded, of which, 5 best images are automatically selected based on historical CTRs, audience reactions and more. This presents the advertiser with the best possible cost efficiency.


Best Practices: Facebook Ad Images

By |Blog, Social Advertising|

Get a good CTR and save big on your CPCs!

When advertising on Facebook – 80% of your ads’ success depends on the attractiveness of your image. Getting the right image is a trick you’d need to learn early on itself for your ads to be successful. Here is why you need to get a good image in place:



5 point checklist to start off your Facebook ads

By |Blog, Social Advertising|

Facebook isn’t about having a huge potential audience to reach, it is about being able to reach extremely targeted audience sets that have an interest in your product / service. So, how do you start advertising on Facebook? Here is a five point checklist to get you started.

1. Goal

Think about your advertising goals

Pinpoint what it is that you want to achieve. Are you looking at bringing in […]