4 Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) strategies to build your brand without breaking the bank

Building market share from the ground up can be difficult for any new entrant into an established industry. Top of the funnel activities like display advertising can accelerate brand awareness but yield very little in terms of direct response and transactions. On the other hand, paid search ads are limited by the number of searches in the given geography and are rarely viewed by loyal users of larger competitors. Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) allows advertisers to serve ads to users within Gmail messages. The GSP advertising delivers higher CTRs as compared to other top of the funnel channels along with a high conversion rate of users.

Here are 4 strategies to capitalize on the GSP platform to build your brand while maintaining a healthy ROI:

Capitalize on the viral features on offer

Organic sharing of its ads without any inputs, is the ideal situation that an advertiser wants to be in. How does one achieve that? The GSP ad format allows the ad to be saved to the inbox and forwarded as an email. Couple an offer based promotion with compelling content in a rich media format, add some of the OnlineSales.ai awesome sauce to it and voila! You have the potential recipe for the perfect ad to go viral.

Know your audience

Sokrati’s GSP persona library has helped in effectively targeting the gmail users. It is based on the mapping of users’ behavioural traits and crucial to maintain a healthy ROI with lower cost of acquisition. For example, the persona mapped from the OnlineSales.ai persona library, against the product category to be marketed is the “Young online tech shopper”. The library then proposes the most effective targeting indicators:

  • The different domain newsletter subscribers to be targeted – amazon, ebay, flipkart, shopclues, etc.

  • The vital keywords in the mail – shipping, tracking, order no., etc

  • Key indicators for a compelling ad copy – lower price points, specifications of the tech products, etc

Shorten the user conversion process:

One key learning from our GSP campaigns at OnlineSales.ai has been shortening the distance for the landing page to the user. The GSP creative allows you to embed a lead generation form within the expandable ad banner, yielding higher conversion rates.

Chip away at your competitor’s customers:

The best possible way widen your customer base is to identify and convert the prevalent category consumers. GSP provides targeting on the basis of:

  • Newsletter Subscribers – Targeting users who subscribe to newsletters and emails from other players in your market space.

  • In Mail keywords – Showing ads to users whose inbox contains phrases that match your keywords. The best way to target converted customers of your competitors is by combining keywords of your products. For e.g. competitor name + confirmation of transaction.

At OnlineSales.ai, we’ve seen close to a 100% increase in CTRs along with close to a 48% improvement in CPLs on our GSP campaigns. Thus, the GSP ad channel is proving to be one new potent weapon in the digital ads arsenal!

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