Most Powerful Extension for E-Commerce Now Comes to Magento! Blog is super excited to announce its 1st extension on Magento Marketplace – Product Ads With

200,000+ retailers on Magento can now enjoy enterprise-class marketing automation to achieve amazing ROI & marketing efficiencies.

This extension is your gateway to an AI-Driven Marketing Solution for Product Ads on Google, Facebook & Bing all from one place!

Magento Extension

Our extension does all the heavy-lifting for you in the background while you focus on what you do best, creating experiences to win those micro-moments with your customers. Every. Single. Day.

Install the Magento Extension to Unlock Better ROI for Your Ad Spend:

Magento Extension


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Where can I find the Extension?

Click here to Install

Once you install, follow the following steps to Activate it.


Product Ads with


How to get Started?


Install the extension

  • Install the extension
  • Go to the extension’s page in Admin Panel @ System > Configuration > Extensions > Product Ads
  • Hit “Get Started for Free” & follow the onscreen instructions. That’s it!
  • Once the onboarding is complete, you are all set to launch your first marketing campaigns.

If you have any difficulties signing-up, please contact

Full Features

Cross-Channel Marketing Campaign Management:

Magento Extension | Cross Channel

  • Launch Product Ads campaigns across Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, Bing
  • Shopping based on your Business Goals
  • Stay up-to-date with the Performance of your marketing campaigns with Projected and Actuals
  • Make edits to launched Goals: Pause, Activate, Re-allocate budgets & a lot more

Actionable Suggestions:


Magento Extension | Actionable Suggestions


  • AI-Driven analytics for dollar-level insights, Real-Time & intelligent suggestions for optimized performance.
  • Automatically Identifies Trending Products: auto discovers catalog changes such as new products, popular and fast-moving products, seasonal and discounted items.
  • Your Products deserve to stand out from the crowd:’s Product Enhancers optimize product images to yield the best click-throughs
  • 1-Click Marketing across Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, Bing Shopping
  • Optimizations for Performance, Budget Allocation, Ad Quality, Product Catalog, Audience Targeting & Seasonality across Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, Bing Shopping

Intuitive Analytics & Smart Insights:


Magento Extension | Insights


  • Effortless Analytics That Show Your Marketing Dollars at Work
  • One place to get Marketing insights across Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, Bing Shopping
  • Insights across Marketing Channels, Merchandise, Audience, & Seasonality
  • View Insights by Filters or as Pre-created Boards
  • Built for collaboration: Share, Download, Schedule Insights or Mark-them-as-Favorite
  • will make you smarter and more efficient with humanised insights.

Real-Time Updates & Collaboration:


Magento Extension | Real Time Updates


  • Real-Time performance tracking across Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, Bing Shopping via Watchlist
  • View Suggestions, Insights, Settings – at a glance
  • Share insights with just 1-click

P.S. We Won The 2017 Google Shopping Innovation Award!


Magento Extension | Shopping Innovation Awards Winners|


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