4 Reasons why we still love Dynamic Search Ads (and you should too!)

Recently in a coffee-time conversation with one of our account managers, we were casually discussing the reasons of success on a campaign we’re currently running. He was telling me how Dynamic Search Ads was key to the success of this AdWords campaign delivering an impressive performance. He went on to explain how one of the reasons for success was the fact that the channel’s website churned out relevant content fairly frequently, keeping pace with the regular happenings in the music world.

In recent times with the rising importance of product listing ads, Google’s original keyword-less product – DSA has ended up drawing the short straw. In view of dropping DSA budgets, we thought it’s a good time to talk about all the things that make dynamic search ads a critical weapon in any search marketers arsenal.

Discover the sting in the tail

If you’re a the category manager for one of the slowest moving product categories at with an e-commerce company, DSA is your best friend. Running a DSA campaign on the slower moving categories can help market your long tail products effectively. We’ve seen this live with one of our biggest e-commerce clients here at OnlineSales.ai, where DSA helped us in generating higher transactions for relatively unexpected categories like stamps and old coins!

Rank for organic search, measure with paid

The dynamic search ads algorithm indexes landing pages for the same keywords as Google’s organic search algorithm and allows you to bring these pages to the fore with ads. Hence, as your content team optimizes your pages for more keywords your impressions on paid search increase as well. In light of Google’s encryption of keyword data for organic search, DSA campaigns and the search terms report thus can be a valuable source of keyword data for your SEO teams.

Sync your marketing with users’ search

A typical user search behaviour is dynamic and doesn’t  always stay the same. Depending on their current needs the nature of it changes, making it moving target for your AdWords campaign. Every day, 16% of the searches that occur are ones that Google has never seen before. DSA campaigns take into account what the users are searching currently and keep it in sync with your AdWords campaign.

End to end coverage of content

Do you have 1000 odd pages on your website and a lot of products to market? Even the most well-managed AdWords campaigns containing thousands of keywords can miss relevant searches, experience delays getting ads written for new products, or get out of sync with what’s actually available on your website. You’ve probably realised that traditional search and display campaigns aren’t doing justice to them. DSA helps reach the length and breadth of your website’s content and one need not bear the headache of the ad copy or destination URL.

Ever since it’s launch, Google’s Dynamic Search Ads have proved to be an economical yet effective search campaign channel, the metaphorical workhorse of sorts. They are also known to garner high quality leads with relatively lower spend.

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