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Facebook’s new beta 10-link Carousel ads promise faster time to benefit at 25% less cost.

With more creative real-estate the carousel ads promotes your business front and center driving more conversions.

As a preferred Facebook Partner, can now launch a 10 Link Carousel Ads, where 10 images are uploaded, of which, 5 best images are automatically selected based on historical CTRs, audience reactions and more. This presents the advertiser with the best possible cost efficiency.


* Real results from an eCommerce client

Reap higher ROI at lower cost

The 10 link carousel ads select 5 images based on past performance and audience responses. This delivers higher CTRs and lower CPCs giving advertisers and users the best experience.

Get rapid benefits within shorter time-frames

The effect of the 10-link ad formats is almost immediate. Clients who have run programs with the 10-link ad formats have experienced improved results in little as 6 hours.

Tell a better story through more images

Drive performance at every stage – awareness, consideration and conversion – with eye-catching creatives that have proven performance credentials.

Exclusive only with preferred partners

While most Facebook product ads follow the 5-image formats, the 10-image ad formats are exclusively available to preferred partners through specialized API calls.’s preferred partner status translates into experience and expertise to deliver guaranteed results.

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