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About ChessBazaar

ChessBazaar is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of chess boards in the World. They primarily deal with Chess Equipment that are completely handmade and are known for their exclusive designs and finish.

ChessBazaar was started in the year 2007 &  has been growing by leaps and bounds since then. Unlike other chess suppliers, ChessBazaar is not country-specific and ship items all over the globe.

Today The Inside Story talks The Founder of ChessBazaar, Vikramjit Singh, speaks of realising his entrepreneurial dreams!

What were the core inspirations behind ChessBazaar?

The biggest inspiration for starting ChessBazaar was to start a sustainable online business which was boundless in scope but provided me complete freedom as the owner of the business.

The first sale. What went through your mind?

We received our first sale in 2007 and I decided at that moment that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

A typical day at ChessBazaar?

My day at ChessBazaar starts at 10 am with answering the emails. Then there is a round of office and warehouse followed by meetings till lunch. Post lunch I review our daily/weekly performance, discuss other sales metrics and plan strategies. The day ends at 5.30 to 6 pm after dispatching of orders.

The highlight of your day?

The highlight of my day is reading the comments, reviews and emails from our customers as this is the time which gives me ideas on how to improve our products and services even better.

What sets ChessBazaar apart? What are the USPs and differentiators in such a dynamic, competitive industry?

Chessbazaar deals in handmade artisan chess sets and our supply chain management are our biggest asset and USP. We also take pride in being the fastest product delivery company in the industry.

The website has a wonderful plethora of customers sharing their ChessBazaar experiences. Any best customer stories that you and Team ChessBazaar like?

We recently started video reviews from customers and I love watching customer videos on product unboxing as it gives a first-hand account of our strengths and weaknesses.

It is also very satisfying to see people playing with our chess sets and spending quality time with their loved ones.

In today’s fast-paced life these are the moments which are hard to find and I am sure people will cherish these moments throughout their lives.

Tell us about the ChessBazaar team.

We are a small team of 16 people with key personnel being:

  • Gurpreet Singh, General Manager with specialization in SEO – he is responsible for overall performance of our sales
  • Ram Prakash, Sr. Operations Executive who is responsible for day to day operations of ChessBazaar including stock and dispatch
  • Saurabh Sharma, the Team Leader, responsible for critical data at ChessBazaar

ChessBazaar Team

Are there any environmental initiatives/non-profit benefits/tie-ups that the team stands by?

Sure, we strongly care about the environment. All our suppliers have to issue us proper sales receipts for each sale thereby making their purchase of wood/inputs accountable. Check out our website to learn more.

Being one of the leading global exporters of Chess equipment, what are the challenges you usually face, and how do you go about fixing this?

Being an exporter in India has numerous challenges. The main challenge is to deliver the parcel in the time-frame as promised to our buyer, especially more when our main customer base is in developed countries with very high aspirations.

What have marketing initiatives played key roles in the growth of ChessBazaar?

There are many marketing initiatives that we were pioneers with and now this is the norm in the chess industry. Like we were the first company who introduced free worldwide shipping and now almost all of our competitors are doing the same. We love to keep on experimenting when it comes to idea implementation.

Majority of our focus is on Digital marketing, but we have seen a great boost to our brand by advertising in print media. Definitely, we will be expanding our marketing areas to some of the chess events as well which we are working on presently.

What value does digital marketing with bring to the table to fuel organic growth for ChessBazaar?

We’ve been growing 30% Year on Year and the credit goes to Online Sales. has played such a fantastic job as it exceeds our expectations and our targets. These guys are very proactive and can give the best solutions according to our goals. Very impressed with their professionalism and commitment.

What are your future growth plans for ChessBazaar?

As chess as a game is growing by leaps and bounds in each and every country, there is immense potential in the chess set industry in future. More and more people all around the globe love to have wooden chess set either in their study or for playing purposes.

We’re now planning to go beyond chess by introducing wooden puzzle games, kids toys etc. We are also planning to open exclusive offline retail stores soon. stands by ChessBazaar in reaching the heights it aims at, and imparting diligent performance marketing to see it through. We are encouraged by watching our clients deriving true value out of our platform and efforts, and The Inside Story celebrates just that.

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