Vice President-Business Development

Looking for an experienced and passionate VP-Business Development for the sales department who will be responsible for driving growth and development for the channel by strategically building relationships with customers. This role effectively develops and cross-functionally executes comprehensive online sales and business development plans.

Key Attributes you’d need to possess 

  • Excellent communication skills – internal and external stakeholders & personable-Your real job is to identify and chase partnership opportunities for the company, that will generate volume sales. You will play a vital role at the customer level which keeps the team more rooted in the marketplace, and as a result, customers feel more connected to the company.
  • Story-telling – a day to day emails, weekly / monthly presentations-You need to be extremely readily available and organized with project information, data, numbers and meet the company and clients’ deadlines.
  • Smarts – data-driven, innovative, out-of-the-box thinking, Confident-Always think about how to get the best out of their teams not just collectively, but individually as well. If something isn’t working in the sales process, a great manager can’t look to others to solve the issue but must determine ways to achieve success on their own. The ones who win are those working on turning those weaknesses into strengths during the offseason. Great sales managers should do the same by constantly assessing his or her team objectively and looking for better ways to sell.
  • Start-uppish – always eager to learn/discover new things, bias towards action-Someone who will roll out a new CRM solution, train the entire sales staff or create a lavish incentive plan. You look at every component and get the team to identify a better way to perform each task. In short, someone who involves in self-learning, and the ability to think on their feet
  • Tech Savvy – comfortable with enterprise tech solutions, data analytics, etc-Having a near-photographic memory for facts, numbers, data, company and decision-maker names, and their faces. There’ll be a flood of information flowing in at you all day long from different channels, and you must be able to pick what you want to chase!
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment embraces frugality-Come up with the best sales strategies to encourage the team to spend more time learning about their customers’ situations and then invest time digging deeper to create better fitting solutions for their customers.


Here’s how a typical week would look like 

  • Owning region revenues-You will typically handle regions of South-east Asia, EMEA, Americas, Rest of APAC by finding new ways to build and grow sales is a primary task for regional growth managers. You will work with the team to find new ways to promote a product or service and create incentive plans to achieve sales goals.
  • Industry & influencer management & evangelism in relevant forums online & offline-Ensuring the highest levels of a client relationship, motivation & engagement to drive results & high levels of client satisfaction.
  • Responsible for acquiring new enterprise customers & growing existing enterprise customers in that region-Develop positive client relationships and work closely with clients to establish sales goals and implement a strategy that meets their requirements. A key part of this is understanding the clients’ needs so that products can be tailored to them.
  • Discovering & acquiring channel partners/resellers in each sub-region to foster growth.
  • Driving thought-leadership in the industry via periodic blogs, presentations or interviewsNeed to produce regular reports to highlight successes and failures and to showcase areas for improvement. This includes monitoring sales calls, new and closed sales, and any follow-up activities that may occur after a campaign has run.
  • Team ownership – from recruiting to mentoring- Oversee a sales team. This part of their role involves hiring and training new and existing staff on the latest sales techniques, online trends, and software. They also ensure that all members of the sales team comply with company policies, procedures, and business regulations.
  • Sharp focus on Revenue Goals & aggressive pursuit to beat the Goals- Observe market trends and online sales data to develop sales forecasts, which they use to build effective strategies.


Our ideal candidate should have:

  • 5-10 years of Enterprise sales in SaaS Product based company
  • BE/B.Tech or an MBA degree 
  • A startup mentality with a bias to action and the ability to flex in a fast-paced environment
  • Enjoy talking about technical concepts, have great analytical skills, and would be comfortable explaining how works to a range of audiences
  • Enjoy solving open-ended problems
  • Excited by working with a product that is constantly evolving
Swapnil Sutar