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Google Shopping Campaigns are like icebergs – the surface looks simple to get started with: just upload your products catalog, create a Shopping Campaign and you are good to go! But the real work (and pain) starts after you have completed this. The way you treat your products, how you optimize their details, and what you do to make them stand out from the crowd is what makes or breaks a Shopping Campaign. Here is how Product Ads, a ‘Multidimensional Optimization Platform for Google Shopping’, commanders your shopping campaigns to sail through these tricky waters.

1. The Bid:
Each product in your catalog is like an uncut diamond, needing individual care to turn into a glimmering jewel. Despite knowing the need for product-based attention, most Shopping Campaign bidding strategies club and bid on all products of the catalogue in a same way. Product Ads gives that vital individual attention to each product in your product catalog. It predicts conversion rates for each product by considering up to 20 different signals, including trends, browsing behavior, product attributes, average past conversion rates etc. A unique bid is then computed for each product that is geared towards driving maximum revenues for every click on it.

2. The Description:
Shopping Campaigns depend entirely upon the product catalog to match user search queries to your products. A well-defined product title and description within the catalog will ensure customers finding the exact product that they are looking for. In contrast, a semantically sub-optimal product catalog will result in irrelevant products being shown for user search queries, resulting in low conversions.’s Product Attributes Optimization Framework ensures highly relevant product search results, by incorporating brand, product types, product attributes (including color, gender, size, quantity and user search queries) within product titles and descriptions.

3. The Image:
Product images are the most user-exposed part of Shopping Campaigns. It is by looking at an image that a potential customer makes that quick yet critical decision of whether to buy your product or someone else’s. Ironically, this is the most neglected part of most Shopping Campaign optimization strategies.’s Image Optimization Engine ensures your product images look sharp, and are well-focused on the actual product. The result is a far improved CTR. Our Beta test results have shown as much as 71% improvements in certain categories.

Image Optimization

These are the three main aspects of Google Shopping Campaigns that you should focus on. What you do within it and how you enhance each of them is a journey to Shopping Campaigns perfection. Watch this space to know more about how you can reach there.

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