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OnlineSales.ai’s Top 10 E-Commerce Marketing Stories of 2017

The online advertising industry saw dozens of exciting developments this year, but 2017 also brought with it new challenges to be overcome. It’s been an exciting year for our OnlineSales.ai Blog too! We’ve grown our community of blog subscribers i.e E-tailers and Digital marketers by over 300%! I’d like to thank each and every one […]

Google Shopping Vs Amazon Sponsored Products: 10 Key Differences

Google Shopping Campaigns are fast becoming one of the most effective channels for advertisers and profitable channels for google. This is proven by the fact that nowadays marketers spend over 25% of their Google advertising budgets Google Shopping alone! Marketers Spend Over 25% of their Google Ad Budgets on Google Shopping! Click To Tweet Source: […]

Amazon Sponsored Products: The Essential Guide

So, you’re a seller on Amazon. You sell shoes. (or clothes or kitchenware etc.) You have created a product catalog that people would love to buy. The pricing is competitive. The shipping is all set. (Fulfilled by Amazon/Fulfilled by Merchant). You think, “Any moment now, I will be swamped with orders that I can barely […]