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Top 10 Instagram Apps & Plugins on Shopify

From Influencer Marketing to building a global reach for products, Instagram really is the playground for brands. With a whopping 800 million monthly active users, the Instagram community has become a levelling field for many brands to foster user engagement and acquire new followers and market branded products. As per Statista, Instagram is one of […]

11 CRO Hacks That Will Boost Your eCommerce Sales

What is a Conversion in E-Commerce? A Conversion for an E-Commerce website can be divided into two categories: Primary Conversions/Main Conversion: This is a type of conversion which directly affects your bottom line i.e when a user completes a purchase on the website. Secondary Conversions: A secondary conversion can be of multiple types. These conversions […]

Google PLA vs. Facebook DPA: The Ultimate E-Commerce Battle

Within today’s retail advertising landscape, Google and Facebook are the leading platforms for paid advertising. In this post, we look at both Google Product Ads and Facebook Dynamic Ads and provide a thorough picture to help you decide where you should invest your advertising budget. By understanding the reach, metrics and success rate of these […]

7 Features Your Next E-Commerce Marketing Platform Should Have

The E-Commerce industry is growing by the minute. With over 2 million eCommerce stores in the world battling it out to grab a shopper’s attention, E-Commerce Marketing has become more crucial than ever! When it comes to marketing, the general trend that I’ve seen is that most E-Commerce Business often opt for an Agency. This […]

Marketplace vs. Your Own Store vs. Social Selling

As you embark on your E-Commerce journey, many avenues keep calling out for your attention and they all seem equally tempting. At times it might make sense to do them all, but a learned approach is always better than basing your business on hearsay. There are multiple ways for you to grow your E-Commerce Business. […]

Top 9 Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing for E-Commerce Stores

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: Creating Valuable, Personal Touches – At Scale” – David Newman, Founder – Do It! Marketing In Spite of availability of various channels, Email still remains one of the most effective and cost-efficient tool of Marketing for E-Commerce Businesses. But, like every E-Commerce Marketing channel, it comes with a […]

OnlineSales.ai Named BigCommerce Certified Partner

Today, we are excited to announce our partnership with BigCommerce. OnlineSales.ai has been named a BigCommerce Certified Technology Partner, providing more than 50,000 BigCommerce customers access to OnlineSales.ai’s e-commerce marketing platform. Beginning today, BigCommerce customers can integrate OnlineSales.ai’s App through the BigCommerce App Marketplace. Ashish Mehta, CEO & Co-founder, at OnlineSales.ai “OnlineSales.ai is a first of its […]

OnlineSales.ai’s Top 10 E-Commerce Marketing Stories of 2017

The online advertising industry saw dozens of exciting developments this year, but 2017 also brought with it new challenges to be overcome. It’s been an exciting year for our OnlineSales.ai Blog too! We’ve grown our community of blog subscribers i.e E-tailers and Digital marketers by over 300%! I’d like to thank each and every one […]

Why One Dimensional Marketing Campaigns Are Killing Your Online Jewelry Sales

iPhone X is launched on Oct 27, retailing at $999. Long queues outside Apple retailers, online pre-orders is the usual order of the day for any iPhone launch. Tiffany’s recently launched the men’s Rose Gold Diamond ring, retailing at $1150. Last reported, there were no queues at Tiffany’s, or the internet wasn’t buzzing with pre-orders […]

Google Dynamic Remarketing (DRM) – A Must for E-Commerce

Updated: 6/6/2018 Do you know that more than 90% of the people return from an e-commerce without converting from their 1st visit? On an average more than 49% of the people take at least 2 website visits before making a purchase! Online Shopping carts are abandoned over 70% of the times. Online Shopping carts are […]

Digital Marketing on E-commerce Platforms Demystified

Update 24/4/2018 The past decade has seen an internet boom in conjunction with the emergence of online retail Markets have been flooded with websites providing products from each corner of the world, for shoppers of every wallet size. E-Tailers have stopped at nothing to turn user interfaces into engagement-centric, addictive, impulse-driving experiences through intelligently designed […]

Your eCommerce Store’s Golden Ticket : The Power of In site Search Visitors & Targeting Strategies

In the last few years, eCommerce websites have used a barrage of marketing strategies on paid and organic fronts to capture more visitors to their website. Be it top of the funnel awareness visitors to mid & bottom level remarketing strategies to existing users. All these coupled with content marketing, affiliates, social growth hacks & […]