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OnlineSales.ai is an official Facebook Marketing Partner

OnlineSales.ai recently made its way to the elite list of Facebook Marketing Partners, sharing the space with marketing specialists from all parts of the world. A result of laser-focus on providing the clients with a superior and simplified online advertising experience, OnlineSales.ai’s addition to the special list is a validation of its superlative service and […]

Google PLA vs. Facebook DPA: The Ultimate E-Commerce Battle

Within today’s retail advertising landscape, Google and Facebook are the leading platforms for paid advertising. In this post, we look at both Google Product Ads and Facebook Dynamic Ads and provide a thorough picture to help you decide where you should invest your advertising budget. By understanding the reach, metrics and success rate of these […]

OnlineSales.ai’s Top 10 E-Commerce Marketing Stories of 2017

The online advertising industry saw dozens of exciting developments this year, but 2017 also brought with it new challenges to be overcome. It’s been an exciting year for our OnlineSales.ai Blog too! We’ve grown our community of blog subscribers i.e E-tailers and Digital marketers by over 300%! I’d like to thank each and every one […]

Google Attribution Modelling: Everything You Need To Know

What is an Attribution Model? According to Google An attribution model is the rule, or set of rules, that determines how credit for sales and conversions is assigned to touchpoints in conversion paths. Alright! So this particular “search term” is very much “in market” these days in the marketing world and it’s quite fascinating to […]

What in Facebook Ads Appeals to the Affluent Indian Audience?

Facebook claims that it can advertise to about 4 million affluent Indians. If you are a Facebook marketer, at some point, you have surely tried to target the Affluent Indians, online. Be it through selecting interests like ‘iOS users’ or ‘audience with Affinity for High Value Goods in India’ or ‘Frequent Business Travellers’ or ‘CXOs’ […]

The Inside Story: Ada Chikan Revives the Lost Art of Indian Chikankari Designs

The Founder-CEO of Ada Chikan, Rhea Punjabi, speaks of her journey! About Ada Chikan: Ada Chikan conceptualized art of chikankari on a different, albeit traditional platform. Till the time Ada ventured into a designer wear concept, Chikan was being produced and sold on ‘run of the mill’ basis. Ada brought together the finest artisans who with […]

10 Best Practices for Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

‘People don’t go to Facebook to make decisions, but to avoid making them!’ True, right? However, with the new ad format introduced by Facebook – Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), advertisers can now capture the users at their intent. Advertisers can now target specific groups of people with highly relevant ads that match where the user […]

10 Quick Tips to Conquer Social Media Advertising This Festive Season!

Updated: 17th August, 2017 It’s time for all business owners to acknowledge the truth; social media advertising is here to stay – and it’s getting bigger and better every day. With super accurate targeting, it’s even more useful than ever. But one must never get carried away and follow the race. Instead, sit back and […]

Best Branding and Sustenance Practices on Social Channels

If audiences can’t easily distinguish you from your competitors then it’s time to step your game and start positioning your business to stand out on social media! Here we are with some branding musts that will make your business easy to spot and impossible to forget. Reach and Frequency Ads Here you can block your ad […]

Scaling Holiday Facebook Ad Campaigns to 3X Traffic & Conversions with Real Market Insights

Take the festive season, intense competition from deep pocket players and a business where sales cycles are long and people prefer to touch and feel the merchandise, and you have a challenge that rivals nothing short of scaling the Alps. This post highlights solutions to a similar challenge from one of India’s largest jewellery brands that […]

Custom Reporting for Ad Creatives, Devices & App Installs

Custom Reporting for Ad Creatives, Devices & App Installs Canned Reports help you figure out new insights from slicing & dicing data across multiple dimensions & matrices. You can select the date range, the ad channels, dimensions & matrices & our system fetches analytics for all such ad creatives, devices & App installs ( if selected […]

OnlineSales.ai drives success with Facebook’s beta 10-link carousel ads

Facebook’s new beta 10-link Carousel ads promise faster time to benefit at 25% less cost. With more creative real-estate the carousel ads promotes your business front and center driving more conversions. As a preferred Facebook Partner, OnlineSales.ai can now launch a 10 Link Carousel Ads, where 10 images are uploaded, of which, 5 best images […]