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Industry Report: Google Shopping Trends in India

In 2012, Google introduced a new type of search ad – a more visual and appealing, and one that would dominate search advertising across the globe in the years to come. Google Shopping Ads, previously known as Product Listing Ads is currently revolutionising search advertising across E-Commerce markets. The image format of the ad, its […]

Current Trends You Need to Know about the Indian E-Commerce Industry

Updates: [31/01/17] Our Q3 2016 industry report on Indian E-Commerce trends is now live! View the full report here. [25/10/16] Our Q2 2016 industry report on Google Shopping trends is now live! View the full report here. India is a massive E-Commerce marketplace now with every age group comfortably transacting online – more often preferring […]

Mary Meeker’s Treasure and our 2 cents!

The 22nd Edition of Mary Meeker’s exhaustive and deeply educative learnings on all-things-Internet was released last week awaiting much anticipation. Steeped in the latest, most relevant statistics, it brings the digital world across the globe the most incredibly detailed insights into the key wins and losses of the year and what is working and not. […]