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DSA & DKI Campaigns: Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

Search ads are almost always the first ads to go live for any account. No other channel serves users with intent higher than search, which is why the internet is abundantly populated with literature about how to set up different types of search ads. However, as a wise man says, if there’s something equally important […]

4 Reasons why we still love Dynamic Search Ads (and you should too!)

Recently in a coffee-time conversation with one of our account managers, we were casually discussing the reasons of success on a campaign we’re currently running. He was telling me how Dynamic Search Ads was key to the success of this AdWords campaign delivering an impressive performance. He went on to explain how one of the […]

Persona Based Keywords for Online Shopping

Search Marketers devote hours of research and study when determining keyword sets for new campaigns. Several “ideal” keyword grouping structures exist, each advocating a deeper level of segregation or, as we call it at OnlineSales.ai, “fine-graining”. Today we talk about keyword grouping based on user intent or Personas. What are Personas? Picture your average online […]

Drive Cost-Effective Campaigns with Long-Tail Keywords

The basic accounting equation dictates: Assets = Liabilities + Owners’ Equity. In the Google Adwords world, this translates to: Keyword Ad Rank = Keyword Quality Score x Keyword Bid Price (CPC) Simply put, higher the Quality Score, higher is your Ad rank and at a lower CPC. While there are a number of factors that […]