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Top 10 Instagram Apps & Plugins on Shopify

From Influencer Marketing to building a global reach for products, Instagram really is the playground for brands. With a whopping 800 million monthly active users, the Instagram community has become a levelling field for many brands to foster user engagement and acquire new followers and market branded products. As per Statista, Instagram is one of […]

Marketplace vs. Your Own Store vs. Social Selling

As you embark on your E-Commerce journey, many avenues keep calling out for your attention and they all seem equally tempting. At times it might make sense to do them all, but a learned approach is always better than basing your business on hearsay. There are multiple ways for you to grow your E-Commerce Business. […]

Make Your Products ‘POP!’ on Social Media and SERPs with Microdata

The biggest validation for your store is when a customer shares your products on social media. What they’re saying is: “Hey, I had a great experience buying from these guys. I want you guys to check it out as well.” However, most online stores end up wasting these opportunities. Their social media links fail to […]