CMO Hangout Series: Episode 1 Building a single-vertical business

A council of E-Commerce business heads
sharing their growth stories over Q&A sessions.

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Learn what they do differently to achieve their goals manifold!

Make Informed Choices to Make Your Holiday Quarter a Runaway Success!

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Making the most of a single-vertical store

The key things to remember when your E-Commerce business functions across a singular sub-vertical
CMO Hangout india insider

Challenges and Benefits

The challenges faced and solved, and the benefits reaped from a single sub-vertical store
CMO Hangout IN 7 insider Tips

Growth Tips

To fuel and turn a single sub-vertical store into a business success

Registration for this webinar are now closed. We’ll be opening the registration soon for next Episode, stay tuned!

CMO Hangout IN Shuchi

Shuchi Pandya

CEO, Pipa+Bella


Jewellery | India

CMO Hangout IN Raghav

Raghav Somani

CEO, HeadphoneZone


Electronics | India

Learn Insider Tips & Tricks around Shopping Ads, Stay ahead of your Competition


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