Programmatically Advertise Your Entire Catalog Across Multiple Channels

Singular Platform with Smarter and Intelligent Insights. Better ROI. Guaranteed.

Introducing Smarter Way to Launch Campaigns Across Channels Ecommerce Identify Trending Products Illustration

Automatically Identifies Trending Products auto discovers catalog changes such as new products, popular and fast-moving products, seasonal and discounted items

Automatically Maps Each Product to the Most Relevant Audience

Every SKU is mapped to the most relevant audience clusters based on their intent, interest, demographics and more than 40 other variables Ecommerce Map Relevant Audience Illustration Ecommerce Launch Campaigns Across Channels Illustration

Rapidly Launches the Campaigns Across Channels generates thousands of smart and relevant ad copies for multiple channels.
These include text, images & video formats!

Flexibility to Run Any Promotion You Want

Have a specific promotion in mind? Give us the goals and we’ll help you sort the rest Ecommerce Flexibility for Promotions Illustrations

Get the Best ROI for Your Marketing Dollars

50+ predictive and real-time optimizers yield maximum revenues

Smart Actionable Insights – with 1-Click Actions

Break Free from the Chaos of Multiple Marketing Tools and Agencies Ecommerce 1 Click Actions

Say Hello to Intuitive Analytics

Effortless Analytics That Show Your Marketing Dollars at Work Ecommerce Intuitive Analytics Ecommerce Client Logo Bar

Built for Retailers by Retailers

Ex-Amazonians Bring Their Expertise to Articulate Data That Matters Most