Let’s make conversations personal again

Engage your customers with relevant and timely communication with OnlineSales.ai

Never miss an opportunity to engage with your Customers

Set your triggers once, and let OnlineSales.ai automate the rest.

Facebook Ads Relevant Audience Clusters

Let data science pave the way to better engagement

Cross sell merchandise that your customers would truly be interested in. Reach them at times they are most likely to respond.

Facebook Ads Exclusive Audience Clusters

Talk to your audience, not at them

Segment customers based on purchase behavior, recency and frequency of purchases.
Fine tune your communication for every customer segment.

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Don’t worry about logistics, we’ve got you covered

Use OnlineSales.ai’s email delivery infrastructure or integrate your existing email delivery provider.

Facebook Ads A/B testing
Facebook Ads A/B testing

OnlineSales.ai’s intelligent CRM marketing solution delivers superior performance from the get go

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Monthly Minimum
$150 /mo
Ideal for sending
upto 1,000,000 emails/mo
$ 0.60 per 1000 emails
Monthly Minimum
$500 /mo
Ideal for sending
1,000,000-2,500,000 emails/mo
$ 0.50 per 1000 emails
Monthly Minimum
$1000 /mo
Ideal for sending
2,500,000 emails/mo
$ 0.40 per 1000 emails