Boost Your ROI on Facebook Ads

Catalog Awareness + Custom Personas + Relevant Creatives + Intelligent Automation = Incredible ROI

Facebook Ads Clients for Product Ads

Reach Relevant Audiences segments the audience on Facebook programmatically based on its demographics, interest & product affinity

Facebook Ads Relevant Audience Clusters

Turn Browsing into Buying ensures that every unique set of products in your catalog has a very specific Audience Cluster to target – at scale

Facebook Ads Exclusive Audience Clusters

Smart & Beautiful Creatives

1000s of beautiful & smart creatives are generated in matter of minutes! optimizes every component of the creative based on the product + audience map and historic performance data

Facebook Ads Enhance Product Image enhances each product image in your catalog by analyzing & optimizing for product color, background color, white-space in the product shot – to name a few.

A/B testing different creatives is done in the most scientific manner at – by testing individual image components & messaging components.

Facebook Ads A/B testing
Facebook Ads Intelligent Rotating avoids ad creative fatigue (over exposure of an ad to the same set of users) by intelligently rotating different products, images and messaging – thereby increasing CTRs by over 40%.

AI-Driven Optimizations

50+ Predictive & Real-Time Optimizations are deployed that work seamlessly to get you closer to your ROI goals Facebook Ads Real Time Optimization

Stay Ahead of Your Competition is always a first among firsts for integrating newest features, making way for bold and intelligent experimentation with the latest offerings from Facebook Ads Platform

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