Here’s Why AI in Performance Marketing is Here to Scale

"Anything that seems rote or mechanical, there is no reason for humans to do - it’s all going to go to AI." -Dharmesh Shah, Co-founder, Hubspot There has been a lot of conversation and exchange [...]

Rev Up – Sep 2017

Leaving Money on the Table? A typical ecommerce marketplace converts under 5% of all its visitors to sales. This means more than 95% of any marketplace’s traffic is not generating revenue. Don’t you want [...]

Why AI is the Future of Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not an alien term; it’s been around for years! There have also been many predictions of AI’s capabilities and future scope, but only recently has it seen a massive boom. The [...]

Sokrati Wins Google Premier Partner Award for Shopping Innovation!

Sokrati, a leader in exceptional digital performance marketing automation and optimisation, is the winner of the Shopping Innovation Award at Google Premier Partner Awards 2017, India. The Premier Partner Awards program, which launched globally this [...]

Why You Should Use Algorithmic Approach To Budget Management

What is Budget Management? Budget is the money a company is willing to set aside to accomplish its marketing objectives. Budget Management can be broken into 4 steps: forecasting, planning, execution and analysis. This can [...]

OnlineSales.ai Launches RevX – a Monetization Platform for E-Commerce Marketplaces

OnlineSales.ai has launched RevX, a Monetization Platform for E-Commerce Marketplaces. RevX enables E-Commerce Marketplaces to amplify monetization across its ecosystem - from its web and app inventory to Seller revenues.  With RevX, Marketplaces can offer [...]

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