The Ultimate 1-Click E-Commerce Marketing Platform

Enjoy AI-Driven Cross-Channel Marketing to Achieve Mind-Blowing ROI

Select Your Platform & Launch Your Campaigns in 90 Seconds
Smarter. Faster. Easier
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Cross-Channel Digital Marketing perfected

Promote your Catalog across channels like Google Adwords, Google Shopping, Facebook Display, Remarketing, Bing Product Ads, Instagram and more on a single platform!

Real-time Optimizations, Alerts & Insights

Leverage tight coupling with E-Commerce Platforms to gain operational efficiencies, catalog syncs & campaign optimizations in in real-time.

Advanced Analytics with 1-Click Actionable Suggestions

Get Insights that you would not get otherwise – from Merchandise to Audience and from detailed Change History to Predictive Analytics.
Simplify E-Commerce Marketing

0.9% of Site Revenues*
*As reported by your CRM. Will be billed Weekly.
  •   You Pay only on Performance
  •   1-Click Marketing across Google, Facebook, Email
  •   On-Site Personalization included
**Advertising Spend
(if any) will be extra as per your budgets.

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Google Pack
$49 per month*
  • Up to $3,000 / mo spend
  • Overage fees: $7 / $100 spend beyond $3,000 per month
All Google Channels
  •   Google Search
  •   Google Product Ads
  •   Google Display
  •   Google Remarketing
*Advertising Spend
(at actuals) will be extra as per your budgets.
Facebook Pack
$49 per month*
  • Up to $3,000 Monthly Spend
  • Overage fees: $7 / $100 spend beyond $3,000 per month
All Facebook Channels
  •   Facebook Multi Product Ads
  •   Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
  •   Instagram
*Advertising Spend
(at actuals) will be extra as per your budgets.
Email Marketing Pack
$49 per month*
  • Up to 100,000 emails per month
  • Overage fees: $1 / 1,000 emails beyond 100,000 emails per month
Personalized Email Marketing
  •   AI driven Audience Clustering
  •   1:1 Personalized Email Content
  •   Automated campaign management
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Site Personalization Pack
$49 per month*
  • Up to 100,000 site page views / mo
  • Overage fees: $1 / 1,000 site page views beyond 100,000 per month
AI driven Recommendations & Personalization
  •   Zero Coding required
  •   1:1 Personalized Content
  •   Smart & Customizable Widget
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