Shopping Ads Masterclass

Championing the Golden Quarter with Google Shopping. The Hows and Musts!

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Tips to ensure your holiday season is a runaway success!

Make Informed Choices to Make Your Holiday Quarter a Runaway Success!

Product Ads Webinar 3 IN Rise of PLA

How to Deal with Competition?

3 keys to avoid the competition and champion the golden quarter
Product Ads Webinar 3 IN Feed Management best practices

How to Plan the Big Spend?

Options and strategies to work around higher costs
Product Ads Webinar 3 IN 7 insider Tips

Pick your Win, Avoid the Race!

Expert ideas to create your own niche

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Product Ads Webinar 3 IN Manikantha

Manikantha S.

Mani is the Shopping Ads Champion at Sokrati

for E-Commerce, specializing in Google

Shopping Ads, Facebook DPA, and Google

Dynamic Remarketing channels across all

E-Commerce sub-verticals. He is a graduate

with honours from BITS Pilani, Hyderabad.

Shoppig Ads Webinar 3 IN Rohit

Rohit Kelkar

Rohit is the VP of Business Operations

at Sokrati for E-Commerce. With 15

years in the industry, the digital advertising

mastermind is a passionate scale consultant

with a hands-on approach. Rohit qualifies from

MIT, James Madison and IIM Ahmedabad.

Learn Insider Tips & Tricks around Shopping Ads, Stay ahead of your Competition

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