Social Masterclass – Powerhouse Targeting Tactics for Facebook

Master the Elements of Audience Targeting

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Make the most of Facebook’s Rich Targeting Options

Proven strategies to reach the most relevant audiences to fulfill your business objectives

Social Media UK Audience Map

Audience maps

Target audiences vary based on business goals. Learn to create the all-essential, ideal audience bucket.
Social Media UK Audience Scale

How to build audiences for scale?

Best practices to ensure maximum reach within the available audience pool, while launching campaigns at a large scale.
Social Media UK Audience Potential

5 tips to Maximize Audience Potential

Making diligent tactics work to your advantage: Creative mapping, Bidding tips, Audience Segmentation, Minimize audience overlap, Audience fatigue.

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Social Media UK Ankita

Ankita Jain

Ankita is Sr. Manager, Business Strategy at Sokrati.

She is one of our most successful business strategists.

She specializes in paid advertising on social media, and

nurtures a passionate enthusiasm for the dynamics of

the digital space. She holds an MBA from Great Lakes,

Chennai and has an engineering background.

Social Media UK Anu

Anu Desai

Anu is Vice President, Client Operations at Sokrati.

She heads Sokrati’s Social Strategy team. With

almost 5 years here, she has grown to be a key driver

of the client growth in the social channels. An expert at

Facebook Targeting, she is the preferred growth partner

for the country’s largest social-driven business houses.

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