About The Store

ExquisiteCrystals.com started its operations in 1999 as a work of love by their founder, John Van Rees. It has now transformed into a family business with the Father-Son duo at the helm and their logistics working towards delivering a personalized experience. With Almost 20 years of experience they have a developed a magnificent array of sources worldwide and domestic. Exquisite Crystals prides itself in delivering top quality crystals to their customers at a competitive price.

The Goals

Exquisite Crystals partnered with OnlineSales.ai to increase their brand awareness amongst new audience buckets, re-engage their website audience to drive more repeat purchases while reducing their Cost Per Lead.

The Challenge

Exquisite Crystals has a vast product catalog with over 250 categories of products.

Building and managing campaigns for these products and driving conversions for each category was a challenge for them.

Acquiring new audiences for a seller in a niche category.

Maintain a high Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

The Approach

Google Display was identified as the go-to channel to increase the brand exposure and acquire new customers for Exquisite Crystals.

OnlineSales.ai’s Ad Placement Optimiser ensured that the ad budget was optimally spent and only the websites and ad slots driving the maximum conversions were selected.

Onlinesales.ai’s multi-platform integration allowed us to value each user interaction based on website engagement.

OnlineSales.ai’s Ad Creative Enhancer was used to create professional looking and engaging ads.

The in-built multi-feed feature helped us target users all over the globe and showcase relevant product pricing in accordance with the location currency. This ensured that the foreign audiences were engaged with the ads.


With only 25% of the quarter budget allocated to them, the Display campaigns generated a whopping 50% from the total paid revenue at an ROAS of 14.

OnlineSales.ai delivered a 61% increase in the ROAS while also driving 76% more revenue from Display campaigns.

OnlineSales.ai comfortably bested the CPT goal of $16 set by the client and instead delivered a CPT of $7.

The Key Wins

Increase in Revenue
ROAS from Google Display
Increase in Transaction
Increase in ROAS

What's Next?

Scaling up on spends and aggressively focusing on new countries for user acquisition.

Expanding audience base by launching non-brand based search campaigns.

The Testimonial

“We have used numerous platforms and technologies in the last 20 years. OnlineSales.ai has been a fantastic partner that allows us to spend our time focused on our customers and products while they take care of the automated marketing needs. Our time and budget has been optimized with very little input from us with great results!

We continue to enjoy the efficiencies and innovations that OnlineSales.ai that allows us to stay competitive in our unique marketplace.”

Testimonial Img
John VanRees Jr.