Flooret is Growing and Scaling its eCommerce
business by Integrating with OnlineSales.ai


Flooret was born with the simple mission statement, ”The best flooring products available, priced competitively”. Its products are not just high quality but also it aims to provide the best flooring products in the market. Flooret was conceived as an alternative way to manufacture, source, and purchase flooring. We simplify the ordering process with cut samples and full sample planks, expert support, and flat-rate curbside delivery.

Flooret on-boarded with OnlineSales.ai to scale conversions. A veteran in the industry, they aimed to conquer Google’s search results pages. OnlineSales.ai ensures that, as the number of conversions increase, their corresponding CPLs always remain healthy. Ideally, a healthy CPL number is that which is lower than the AOV of the product catalogue, and we continue to deliver this successfully.

The Challenge

Flooret, In the highly competitive flooring industry, they wanted to reach out to a relevant audience and leave a mark. They also wanted to sell only their floor samples and then wanted to re-target them in order to increase the conversion value. Flooret opted for OnlineSales.ai also to increase their ROAS from across Google.

Ad Channels Suggested

Search Ads
Facebook Ads
Dispaly Ads
Shopping Ads

The Approach

The marketing activities were carried out in the following phases.


Our primary objective was to cater to both types of audiences – searching with both generic as well as brand-specific keywords.
With OnlineSales.ai’s set of optimizers, best-performing keywords were identified and were bid aggressively upon.


Every chance to engage a prospect was acted upon by aggressively using RLSA.

The Key Wins

Increase in Conversion Rate
Increase in ROAS
Increase in Revenue

Whats Next?

  • Geographical Expansions
  • Revenue Scaling
  • New audience acquisition strategies to combat increasing industry competition

The Testimonial

Michael Maddux


“Paid online advertising has changed forever. Gone are the days of a dedicated team to manage your ads. The OnlineSales.ai platform makes it easy to optimize your campaigns and reach new advertising channels with just a few clicks.”