Sebastian Cruz
Ricky and Natasha Cruz set out to fill an awning gap in the menswear accessories industry, dedicating their new business to fearless style and not merely fashion, for the modern American man. With a plethora of unique, entirely handmade pocket squares, ties, jackets, shirting, fedoras and socks, the couple have managed to break the boundaries of what men wear, and how.
The Goals
Widening the customer base
Increasing existing customer engagement
Leveraging the brand’s social media presence to improve conversions and site traffic
The Approach
Fine-tuned the feed based ads based on user behavior
Engaged social media subscribers by sending them delight offers
Set a granular structure on Facebook campaigns in order to get deeper insights identified and engaged multiple personas and audience demographics
With automating launches, optimisations and reporting, the client gets to focus entirely on creatives and increasing the SKU range instead.
The Key Wins
Client Hours Saved Per Week
40 %
Higher Conversions
42 %
Reduced CPT
Improvement on RoAS
54 %
Better AoV
The Testimonials
"’s marketing platform with its intuitive audience identification helped us to reach out to newer audiences. A fresh consumer base was exposed to the brand and this base was developed and consolidated through intelligent, granular remarketing. Their Customer Success team was always helpful, responsive and added value to our marketing vision."
Cesar ‘Ricky’ Cruz