About The Store

The Stiff Collar started its journey in 2012, with experienced innovators at the helm. With a motley group of professionals and one common vision, they set out to develop into a brand which ensures “quality final products” and an enriching customer experience.Their belief that the COLLAR defines the shirt and the shirt defines the MAN was the main ideology behind the creation of The Stiff Collar and with an untiring attitude towards a bigger goal, they intend at setting new trends, creating new style statements, at revolutionary prices yet not compromising on the quality of their products.

The Goals

The Stiff Collar signed up with OnlineSales.ai in Jan 2018 to build their brand awareness online, drive substantial transactions and revenue from Google Search.

The Challenge

The Stiff Collar had a fresh account with no previous performance data for Google Search.

The Stiff Collar were looking to cater to relevant audience with the help of relevant search term keywords in the Fragmented Clothing Market.

The Stiff Collar wanted to improve their overall website conversion rate with an effective remarketing strategy.

While the branded search terms were driving some conversions, The Stiff Collar were finding it extremely difficult to drive conversions through non-brand search campaigns.

The Approach

DSA, Parent brand and non-brand campaigns were launched to benchmark and collect data for a week.

Using OnlineSales.ai’s Keyword Optimizers relevant non-branded, positive and negative keywords were identified for The Stiff Collar.

OnlineSales.ai’s AI-driven optimizers for Device, Placement, Seasonality and Location ensured the budgets were utilized in an optimum manner.

Affinity audiences were targeted to get maximum exposure from relevant audiences.

OnlineSales.ai fine tuned the Search Ads by automatically segregating the audiences into various buckets based on their website behaviour e.g. like cart abandonment in last 30 days, website visit in last 15 days, etc. and set up their remarketing lists to convert Shoppers into Buyers and reduce the Cost per Lead.

The Key Wins

Increase Conversion Rate
Increase in ROAS
Increase in CTR
Reduction in CPL
Overall ROAS

What's Next?

Exploring newer sub channels such as Amazon and Email Marketing.

To further strengthen the brand penetration and increase the customer base by scaling on Google Display and Google Shopping.

The Testimonial

“OnlineSales.ai is very useful as a single point for launching, optimizing and monitoring campaigns across Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

Overall automation and AI in tool has improved bidding and keyword optimization for our campaigns. With OnlineSales.ai, we were able to drive an ROAS of 23 on Search and an overall ROAS of 7.”

Testimonial Img
Piyush Sharma
Head of Marketing, The Stiff Collar